Pipe Aid Patch Repair Kits

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Patch Repair Kit
Patch repair kits for the permanent and watertight repair of damaged pipes, without the need for excavation work. Supplied in convenient kit form. This system cures in the presence of water, with excellent bonding to virtually all materials.

Straight and radius repairs

  • Straight Pipe Repairs are suitable for repairs on a straight section of pipe, of between 100mm (4”) and 525mm (21”) diameter pipes.
  • Radius Pipe Repairs are suitable for pipe repairs on a 90° bend, of 100mm (4”) and 225mm (9”) diameter pipes.

The resin supplied in each kit is either a W (Winter) or S (Summer) resin. Each has a different working and curing time. The S resin is advised for higher ambient temperatures, which accelerate the curing time. The S resin is recommended for less experienced contractors, as it allows longer for the repair preparations. The W resin is advised for lower ambient temperatures and allows less time for the repair.

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