Camboss Steerable Crawler System

£31,000.00 ex. Vat

Camboss Crawler

  • Steerable Crawler
  • Remote powered gantry
  • Built in reversing camera
  • Wheel base extender
  • 3 wheel set
  • Built in inclinometer

Camboss Cable Drum

  • 300 metres of low friction kevlar reinforced cable
  • Powerful motorised rewind mechanism
  • Auto cable layup
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Less than 1% measurement error
  • Back-man drum remote

Camboss Base Unit

  • Full joystick steering
  • Portable base unit
  • Remote pressure monitoring
  • Full Windows PC
  • Digican Light installed as standard
  • Can also be used with Revi250 Pushrods

Camboss Pan & Rotate Head (Pan & Tilt also available)

  • 10x Optical Zoom
  • Outstanding picture quality from Sony CCD sensor
  • Pan ±120°
  • Continuous 360° rotation
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The Camboss crawler is another popular option for many of our customers, offering the advantage of a fully steerable system with a longer, 300 metre long cable for deeper and longer inspections. Also compatible with the ever-popular industry standard WinCan software, the Camboss is a great solution for many jobs.


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